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We have a long history of helping clients of significant wealth manage complex investment strategies, including sophisticated solutions such as alternative investments. You can count on a customized portfolio and personalized strategies designed to meet your individual investment goals and risk tolerances.


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Michael Finan, CFA

Managing Director, BMO Family Office

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Michael Miranda, CFA

Managing Director, BMO Family Office

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At CTC l myCFO, our culture and legacy were built upon the foundation of working with individuals and multi-generational families that have accumulated substantial liquid wealth. Our investment professionals are experienced in managing complex portfolios and work closely with you to develop strategies designed to meet your investment and lifestyle goals.  


We believe in the benefits of non-conventional thinking, and that investing in emerging, non-traditional asset classes may deliver better risk-adjusted returns. Our team dedicates considerable resources to keeping pace with the evolving investments landscape. Using our robust list of recommended funds, including the alternative investments described below, we create customized portfolios for our clients, designed with individual investment goals and risk tolerances in mind.  


Alternative investments

In certain cases, alternative investments can be an important component of an overall portfolio. Our alternative investments include both liquid and illiquid solutions that invest in a wide variety of ways. Many funds aim to deliver absolute returns in numerous market environments, and may use multiple strategies to achieve this objective such as long/short investing, tactical trading, arbitrage and event driven approaches. Private markets strategies also aim to deliver absolute returns, but over a longer time horizon. These investments can include private equity (venture capital, buy outs), private credit (private lending, distressed/turnaround situations) private real assets (real estate, tangible assets), or other special situations (royalties, reinsurance). Each of the strategies we recommend has passed our rigorous due diligence and approval process.  


Alternative investments, however, are not suitable for all investors. They can introduce risks that are amplified when compared with other asset classes, such as illiquidity, financial leverage and short selling. Such strategies have the potential to generate heightened volatility and, in some cases, investment losses. Our wealth management investment professionals are well versed in the advantages and disadvantages of alternative investments and can advise you.  


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