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Your path to financial success is unique. That’s why we believe investment management must be a dynamic process that helps you accumulate, grow and protect your wealth to meet both your immediate and long-term needs.



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Michael Stritch, CFA

Chief Investment Officer and National
Head of Investments - BMO Wealth Management.

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Yung-Yu Ma, Ph.D.

Chief Investment Strategist - BMO Wealth Management


Whether you prefer professional asset management or a traditional, full-service brokerage relationship, we offer a disciplined yet customized process to craft a portfolio that reflects your specific goals, risk level and timeline.


Our investment process is designed to provide investment direction and advice that is fueled by your goals and informed by extensive research, expertise, and a core set of strategic factors.


We work with you to:

  1. Define your objectives, examining your time horizon, risk profile, liquidity needs, tax considerations and investment objectives.
  2. Set a strategic asset allocation, looking at long-term capital allocation and diversifying across asset classes.  We’ll walk you through your investment objectives based on your tolerance for risk.
  3. Build your portfolio by identifying appropriate investments based on your tax concerns, liquidity needs and more.
  4.  Make tactical shifts when the timing is right, helping you capture market opportunities, enhance returns or reduce risk.
  5.  Manage your portfolio on an ongoing basis, regularly rebalancing your asset allocation, and providing you with comprehensive reporting and performance analysis.


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